Ultrafiltration System Backwash and Cleaning System

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Ultrafiltration System Backwash and Cleaning System

Ultrafiltration System Backwash and Cleaning System

July 12, 2023

The long-term stable operation of ultrafiltration membranes depends on the influence of many factors such as design, environmental conditions, human operating factors, system monitoring, product quality and system cleaning and maintenance. Normal membrane system cleaning systems include backwash systems, chemical enhanced backwash systems (CEB), and chemical cleaning systems (CIP). For ultrafiltration membrane products, if the ultrafiltration system is used, the cleaning system includes the backwash system, CEB and CIP.

The backwash system includes backwash water tank, backwash water pump, backwash pressure gauge and backwash flowmeter.

Backwash tank: The water used in the standard backwash tank should be deionized water (generally reverse osmosis water), but for economic considerations of the project, the water produced by the ultrafiltration system is usually used as backwash water. Backwash water tank can usually be used PP or PE material water tank, stainless steel water tank, concrete pool (anti-leakage), fiberglass water tank, etc., backwash water tank size depends on the specific project design.

Backwash pump: The backwash water of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane products is a fixed value, and the flow of the pump can be selected according to our backwash flux; The head of the pump is usually determined according to the loss of the pipeline, under the premise of meeting the flow rate, the maximum inlet pressure of the ultrafiltration system shall not exceed a certain value; The material of the pump can usually choose stainless steel pump head, pump head with anti-corrosion lining or plastic pump.

Backwash pressure gauge: the existing ultrafiltration system is usually fully automatic control, so in the operation of the system, pressure signal collection, pressure chain control, pressure value display, pressure signal transmission and other ways to monitor the backwash pressure.

Backwash valve: usually can choose electromagnetic valve, pneumatic valve, mechanical valve and other automatic valves; Ball valve or butterfly valve can be selected according to different engineering design experience.

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